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Start your journey to profitable trading with essential education and insights that will help you trade confidently in the stock market – all for free!

  • Direct Insights: Learn from our head trading coach during the Pre-Market Rundown Show, setting you up for informed trading decisions.
  • Skill Sharpening: Premium trading lessons to enhance your foundational trading skills.
  • Community Engagement: Connect and learn with other traders in our free trading chatroom.


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Gain access to advanced tools, coursework, and a supportive community to elevate your trading skills.

  • Profitable Options Trading: Complete Options Trading Course (a $997 value) to diversify and strengthen your trading.
  • Professional Trading Tools: Market data and trading software to fine-tune your trades for maximum profitability.
  • On-Demand Learning Center: Access 100+ on demand training videos, updated monthly with new video lessons to keep your skills sharp.
  • Trading Community Support: Extended access to the trading chat rooms for peer-to-peer support and direct message support with trading moderators.

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Market Mastery

1-1 Mentorship Program

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Our most popular 1-on-1 coaching program that develops profitable traders in 90 days!

  • Expert Guidance: Private 1-on-1 coaching sessions with our head trading coach to accelerate your growth and identify your edge in the market .
  • Trading Mindset: Weekly group coaching calls and advanced course material to help you develop a strong trading mindset for success in the stock market.
  • Comprehensive Coursework: 19 University-Level courses tailored to sharpen your trading skills and master the mental aspect of stock trading.
  • 90 Days To Profitability: Daily market coaching sessions with program coaches and a custom built trading system for repeatable success in the market.

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Market Mastery
Book Discovery Call
- Premium Course Trainings
- Ultimate Options Trading Course ($997 Value)
- Building Blocks Of Successful Trading Course
- The Basics Of Trading
- Day Trading 101
- Day Trading Patterns
- Day Trading Indicators
- Day Trading Strategies
- Advanced Trading Strategies
- Pro Trader Mindset
- Futures Trading
- Market Mastery - Mastering The Market
- Market Mastery - Data Collection
- Market Mastery - Mindset Mastery
- Market Mastery - Your Inner World
- Market Mastery - Trade Effectively
- Market Mastery - TA Fundamentals
- Market Mastery - Simple Strategies
- Market Mastery - Trading Mindset
- The Pre-Market Rundown Show
- Daily Live Trade Stream
- Live Market Coaching Sessions
- Private Market Coaching Sessions
- Pre-Market Preparation Session
- Power Hour Trading Session
- Monday Mindset Mastery Call
- Friday Reflect & Project Call
- Pro Training Vault (Updated Monthly)
- The Pre-Market Rundown Show Recaps
- Quick Hit Lessons
- Group Coaching Session Recaps
- Monday Mindset Mastery Call Recaps
- Friday Reflect & Project Call Recaps
- Access To Free Trading Chatroom
- Access To Community Trading Chatrooms
- DM Support With Trading Moderators
- Priority Access To DM Support With Trading Coaches
- Dedicated Trading Success Manager
- Real-Time Trade Alerts
- Pro Trader Network
- Direct Access To All Program Coaches
- Private 1-on-1 Calls With Josh Until You Become Profitable
- Personalized Support & Guidance During Market Hours
- Private Market Mastery Community
- Build A Winning Trading System To Become Profitable In 90 Days or Less
- Lifetime Coaching To Scale Winning Trading System
- Trade KPI Trade Logging and Journaling
- Trade KPI Investment Simulator
- 12+ Sources For Real-Time Market Data Feeds
- 10+ Professional Trading Tools
- Mobile App Access (coming soon)

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